Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm back!

Wow...I haven't blogged since December 2012. Life has been so crazy! I'm so ready to get the blog back up and running but I have SO much catching up to do! Bare with me as I try to catch up on the last year! 

See you soon! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Christmas Photo...

I was for sure this was going to be a disaster! Blakeley had been ill all.weekend.long! We were exhausted! But, she did ok and I think Abbey at All About You Photography by Abbey did a great job at capturing our first family Christmas picture! I can't wait to see the rest!

Merry Chritmas from The Brown's!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blakeley @ 4 Months

How in the world is my sweet baby FOUR months old? Time has flown by. I remember getting things ready for the hospital in full panic mode thinking, "how am I going to do this?" And now I think, how did I ever function before this baby? She had made our lives complete. Time are not always easy when she's screaming so loud you have to pause the tv but then, when she smiles, it all goes away and my heart melts...completely.

Some may say a baby doesn't make marriage easier. I disagree...I couldn't be more in love with my husband. The way he talks to Blakeley, looks at her, kisses her...nothing is better.

So now, that she's four months old, she is building up and showing her fun personality! She is really starting to notice the world around her and taking everything in. Here are a few things that Blakeley is doing at 4 months: trying to hold her bottle, starting to sit up (but then falls over), taking less long naps and more cat naps, grabbing her toys and pulling them to her mouth, still loving bath time (and getting me wet while she splashes like a mad woman), addicting to my iPhone and iPad, loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse & Chugginton, starting to sleep later in the mornings.

We said that she would never, ever sleep with us. Parents...never say never. When Blakeley sleeps with us, she is so much more comfortable and practically sleeps through the night. Occasionally, she will wake up to eat but for the most part, she out until morning!

I'm so glad that we have been able to celebrate a couple of holiday with her so far. We came home on the 4th of July and our parents came over and cooked out and Halloween where she was the cutest little owl..but she fell asleep before we made it to our first stop :) Now, for Thanksgiving and Christmas!..out 2 most favorite holidays! We are going on a trip next week to Gatlinburg...she first long car ride. We leave Thanksgiving night and come back Sunday...then I'm off the whole next week! This is a MUCH needed vacation! I can't wait to spend 11 long days with my sweet baby!

Here is Blakeley a 4 up...Blakeley's Christmas Wish List!

Friday, October 19, 2012

The fun has started...

Every single day since Blakeley was born has been fun and exciting. Sure, days have been hard, but those days you forget. With each passing day, we see that she is learning something new and it's beginning to be so much fun as we get to interact with her more.

Last night, we had a BIG milestone! Blakeley rolled over for the first time from tummy to back! I was so excited that I screamed and started crying....then she started crying! I tried to get her to do it again so I could video her but of course, she was over it and probably thought she did something wrong with the way I acted! haha!

I was one of those mom's that was googling everything she should be doing and was so discouraged because she HATED tummy time, wouldn't prop herself up and wasn't rolling over like she should have been. Now I see, every baby is different and will do it at their own pace. I was so proud of her! They say the norm for tummy time is 30 mins a day. We don't do ours all at once because she gets fussy but we do it as long and she will, then if she gets mad, roll her over to her back and let her play and once she has calmed down, put her back on her tummy. Just this week, she has started propping herself up with her arms. Putting her in front of the tv was a big help!

I can't wait to see what she does next! I miss her being a tiny, tiny baby but, I'm so excited for the fun little girl she's becoming! I will leave you with a picture from last night :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blakeley Kate {3 Months Old}

wow...I'm really a slacker! I haven't blogged in almost 2 months!

Our sweet Blakeley Kate is now 15 1/2 weeks old! I can't believe she is almost four months old! It makes me so sad. She has got the best personality, biggest smile and eyes to make your heart melt! We love this little girl more than we could have ever imagined!

Here's what Blakeley has been up to:

Sleep: She ususally goes to bed around 9 or so (sometimes later) and sometimes sleep til 6 or 7, and sometimes still gets up once to eat around  3 or 4.

Eating: She take 6 ounces of Enfamil Gentlease every 3-4 hours during the day.

Tummy Time: she doesn't like this very much but we get about 30 mins. in each day.

Bath time: She LOVES bath time and would probably sleep in her tub :)

We are pretty sure she is teething! She chews on her hands all.the.time and drools like crazy but we still don't see any breaking through.

She has becoming obsessed with Chad's iPad and it instantly calms her down and she quits crying as soon as we turn in on.

Weight: pretty sure she is over 13 lbs. She was 12 lbs. 15 1/2 oz. at the 2 month appt. We go back November 6th and I can't wait to see how much she's grown.

She really isn't interested in any of her toys yet. Honestly, she had rather sit and watch sports all day. She is a copy of her daddy...for real.


     We are so proud of the sweet girl you are! You make every day better and we love you so much. Excited to see what's to come for you!

                                                                      Love you,
                                                                      Mommy & Daddy

{here are some of her 3 month favorites}

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where has the time gone?

How is the world is our sweet baby already 8 weeks old?? Sorry that I've been such a slacker in blogging...when I get home from work, it's all about Blakeley. There just isn't enough time to blog when I get home. It's laundry, dinner, washing bottles, baths, ironing, etc.! 

Blakeley has grown SO much and has the best personality! I don't know what we ever did without her. She bring so much joy to our lives!

She is now up to 4 oz. of formula and eating every three hours during the day. At night she goes about 4-5 hours without eating and is only waking up once, which is wonderful! Chad and I usually take turns feeding her. He usually feeds her right before we all go to bed and then I usually do the mid morning feeding and then by the time it's ready to eat again, my mother-in-law is there. By the way, we have been BEYOND BLESSED with Chad's mom keeping Blakeley! She comes to our house every morning to keep her. Not having to pay for daycare is the biggest blessing of all. We know she is loved and taken care of every minute of every day and we are so thankful for that!

Blakeley has also started to laugh, smile and coo a lot. She loves when we play with her and loves to lay on her playmat and look up at the mirror and laugh at herself!

She is also sleeping in her bassinet. At first, she was only sleeping in her swing and I was afraid that it would be hard to transition to her bassinet when she got too big for her swing. She is doing wonderful in her bassinet, though!

Just to see how much she has changed, here are 8 pictures of for each week! It's amazing how much a baby can change from one week til the next! Everyone said she looks just like her daddy :)...I keep saying she looks like me though ;)

1 week old

2 weeks old
4 weeks old

5 weeks old

6 weeks old

7 weeks old

8 weeks old

         You have been such a joy for 8 weeks, even though you are growing SO much, SO fast! Your daddy and I love you so much! You have made life a million times better!

                                                                    Love you baby girl!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blakeley is ONE MONTH OLD!

Where is the world did the time go? One month ago today, I was holding our one day old baby! Blakeley has been so much fun, even though we have had our tough times. We wouldn't trade her for anything in the entire world. She has made life so much fun and I can't imagine a day without her! 

Here are her ONE month pictures...some she is not so happy! (Pretty sure she was sleepy, so the rest are of her asleep! take what you can!)